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    Planning, reporting and benchmarking
    of energy efficiency initiatives and measures.
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  • Users realize an average ROI of 30%.

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leenize is a specialized and easy to use online solution for centralized planning, tracking, reporting and benchmarking of energy efficiency initiatives and measures across multi sites.

All measures can be isolated - and accordingly analyzed and optimized. Allowing a maximum efficiency and profitability of the implemented measures.

Users realize an average ROI of 30%.


  • Fast implementation: Going live in 24h.
  • Transfer of existing audits in a standardized format, leading to trackable measure.
  • Low investment, limited time and effort and no follow-up costs.


  • Instant reports acc. ISO 50001,50003.
  • Provides benchmarking and monitoring across multi sites or divisions or countries.
  • Results don’t need to be adjusted in the event of changing conditions.


  • Centralized management (no individual Excel-based files).
  • Comprehensive reporting and export functions.


Standard in the energy efficiency measures management


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What is leenize?

leenize is a fast and cost-effective solution to fulfil legal and business requirements of EnEff measures management.

  • Meets the common legal requirements and standards, like the audit obligation or ISO 50001, 50003
  • Allows the isolated view on individual measures even in the event of changing conditions (energy price, production fluctuations, etc.).
  • Enables KPI-based decision-making for individual measures (eg profitability, CO2 savings)
  • Benchmarking and tracking across multi sites or internal divisions or countries


Adding new measures and consolidation of existing audits (eg ín Excel) in a central online tool.


Control of performed measures across divisions. Low investment, limited time and effort and no follow-up costs.


Benchmarking of multi sites. Easy data export and consistent tracking of implemented projects and measures.


leenize delivers you in only three steps a dedicated measures management solution.

  1. Sign up here
  2. Transfer existing data
  3. Add measures

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The advantages of leenize?

Easy and specialized solution for measures management, without the necessity of introducing a complex and expensive energy management system.

 Result driven

  • Fast implementation: Going live in 24h
  • Profitability driven view on individual measures

 Secured planning

  • Low investment, limited time and effort and no follow-up costs, eg due to data logger
  • Meets local legal requirements
  • High IT security through encrypted data transfer


  • Results don’t need to be adjusted in the event of changing conditions
  • Adding new measures and consolidation of existing audits (eg ín Excel) and measures in a central online tool

Isolating individual measures for real ROI calculation…

…allows direct comparison and consideration on the investment vs return

Target: Isolation of the individual measure.

Only leenize is able to isolate your measures from any influencing factor

Why is this so important?
The effect of implemented measures will always be influenced by external factors: like the consumption of heating system is linked to the weather conditions and seasonality. Also the consumption in a production depends mainly on production fluctuations.

In order to allow a realistic view on the profitability of a measure, it needs to be isolated from external factors.

Result and advantages:

  • leenize allows you to analyze the actual performance/profitability of a measure.
  • Realistic benchmarking can only be performed on the basis of this comparability provided by leenize.

On the save side...

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...with leenize

  • Legal certainty due to conformity with the requirements of ISO 50001, 50003, DIN 16247
  • Web-based with highest security standards
  • Recommended as best practice by the EU on follow up actions on audits (EED)

for whom is leenize?


For decision-makers on energy efficiency initiatives and measures, based on ROI - and / or those companies are subject to energy audits.


For organizers of energy efficiency networks and the clearly arranged follow-up of the measures implemented.


For representatives of municipal properties, performing, evaluating and benchmarking energy efficiency measures.


Investment-oriented metrics and benchmarks to support objective decision-making framework for the implementation of measures. Reports provide a structured overview of the entire company and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Energy manger

Minimizes efforts and provides the opportunity to communicate results, developments and decision-making information in a structured form to the management.

Energy consultant

Shorter handling times by simply checking the technical-economic evaluation of measures at the push of a button. In addition, the action list generated during an audit can be used for periodic tracking.

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